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Oct 5, 2011 7:00am EDT
. research has shown some contractors have been billing the government for years using inadequate accounting systems that don't pass muster. recommendations for suspension debarment are not implemented with little implementation of the decision. past performance on our contractor performance is often unrecorded and less likely to be used for the next contract award. staffing shortages have led to a defense contract audit agency backlog of nearly $600 billion delay in recovery of possible overpayment. the government has been remiss in promoting one of the most effective discipline, competition. we recommend better application of existing tools to ensure accountability and strengthening those schools. report contains recommendations to bolster competition, improved recording and use of past performance data, expanding u.s. civil jurisdiction as part of contract awards and requiring official approval significant subcontracting overseas. the second level is holding the government more accountable. for the decision to use contractors and subsequent results. taking a harder look at what projects a
Oct 12, 2011 7:00am EDT
given us record unemployment rates. >> the same script month after month isn't working. doesn't he realize that today's figures show it isn't working. and it is his failure. we have nearly 1 million young people out of work. why doesn't he accept some responsibility for doing something about it? >> i accept responsibility for everything that happens in our economy. i just sometimes wish people who are in government for years accept some responsibility for the mess they made. what this government is pledged to do is everything we can to get our economy moving. that is why we've cut petrotax and cut cooperation tax. why we're reforming the planning system, why we introduced the regional growth fund. why we're forcing the banks to lend money. while we created 22 enterprise zones. let me say what i know. he wants us to change course on reducing our deficit. if we change course on reducing our deficit, we'd end up with interest rates like portugal, like spain, like italy, like greece and we'd send our economy into a tailspin. >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, i want him to change course s
Oct 19, 2011 7:00am EDT
activities? >> i think we should have a little bit of humility from the people who gave us tabs for higher, mortgages for nations, clearing opponents, good day is for very bad news. these are the questions he was supposed to ask last week. i have some advice. if you going to jump on a bandwagon make sure it is still moving. mr. speaker, no answer to the question we want answered. this is the prime minister, a pattern of activity with him. he doesn't ask the tough questions of those around him than when anything goes wrong is nothing to do with him. what did he say in the ministerial poser he published? he said it is not enough simply to make a difference. the we must be different. in the last three months we have seen his defense secretary resign in disgrace and his spin doctor arrested. is that what he meant by being different? the gentleman failed to notice that ministry question is resigned. just a bit late. >> will my friend the agree that at a time when -- [shouting] -- at a time when the governor of the bank of england said we are facing possibly unprecedented economic crisis it is a
Oct 26, 2011 7:00am EDT
or no? this coalition has worked together to get out of that. to get us out of the greek bailout. a freeze in the european budget. that is what this coalition has achieved. what we have is between the right hon. gentleman and reality. we had the greatest proof of that. i talked to the house about this monday but it is so good i got to do it again. when he was asked if he wanted to join the euro he said it depends how long i am prime minister for. that is the split of the labor party and reality. >> he will be going to the council in december to negotiates on behalf of britain out >> reporter: that may be on the agenda. i ask again. the education secretary said on the radio yesterday morning i think we should take this power over employment law by the deputy prime minister disagreeing won the prime minister's position. it is on the agenda as he was meeting in brussels tonight. we would not be discussing italy. we would not be discussing grease. it would be britain asking for a bailout. we know the hon. gentleman wants to join the euro. the other thing they want to do is believe th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4